Just a quick little blurb. I found this quote about the adverse effects of Synthetic Vitamins and it seemed to fit the theme of this site perfectly so I thought I would add a quick post.

Back in the 1960’s the federal government decided that it synthetic (artificially produced) vitamins where no different than vitamins straight from nature.  This is when the vitamin and nutrition companies decided that since synthetic vitamins were cheaper that was the way to go.  Very few kept providing the “real” natural vitamins.  Another winning decision from our government.  At least they are consistent.

The following is a quote from Dr. Shaklee concerning the adverse effects of synthetic vitamins. It’s short, brief and clearly makes the point.

“We are fooled by the chemist who give us inorganic synthetic material with the same molecular bond as the living form of food, and they call them vitamins!. What happens when you take this inorganic substance into your body? First of all, science tells us that your bodily enzymes cannot break down inorganic substances. Your body builds a toxic stimulus. The body goes into warfare against this toxin, which causes a surge of all the surplus hormones, antibodies and enzymes, which are stored, throwing them into your system and your feel peppy, just as in drug abuse. You are not nourishing a cell, but fighting the warfare of a toxin. You do not gain health.”
Dr Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.

Like always, It is something to think about!