Hello, my name is Michael Tomberlin.  I have been working online for quite some time now and have the usual webpage and blogs but I kept getting a lot of information about defferent topics relating to improving your health and how to live a healthy life so I thought I needed a place to post these articles.  I hope you find some good information here and it can help you improve your life as it has mine.

I have a wonderful wife and 6 beautiful kids so maintaining a healthy life is more important to me now.  There is some saying about “having your health is all that matters” or “I would rather be heatlhy than rich” – whatever it is I think that is where I am at in my life.  (not that I wouldn’t mind having some money to go along with the health Ha Ha)

You can also visit my webpage if you would like to read more on having a HealthyLife-HealthyPlanet.  It has links to places to purchase vitamins and supplements and other natural products.  (my little plug to try and get the money part so I can be rich and healthy! Another Ha-Ha and maybe even a hardy har har…)

Thanks for visiting,

Michael Tomberlin