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Acai Berry (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is a fruit that comes from the açaí palm tree. The fruit is small, round, black-purple in color and about 1-inch in diameter.  It is similar to a grape but with less pulp

Recently, the acai berry has been marketed as a dietary supplement and super supplement.

There have been many health claims associated with this new ‘super food’,

but is it all marketing hype or true scientific fact?

Companies produce and sell acai berry products in many forms including tablets, juice, smoothies, instant drink powders, and whole fruit.

Some of the claims and remedies that have been attributed to acai include:

  • increased energy levels
  • improved sexual performance
  • improved skin appearance
  • better heart health
  • improved digestion
  • and weight loss

There have even been more blatant claims that include:

  • reversal of diabetes and other chronic illnesses
  • expanding size of the penis
  • increasing men’s sexual virility
  • increasing sexual attractiveness to women.

So the million dollar question – “Is it really a Super Juice or Is it Junk?”

According to Susan Donaldson of ABC News, these products have not been evaluated by the FDA and they have questionable efficacy.  And as of March 2009 no scientifically controlled studies have been done to back up any of the claims being made about the acai berry.

Quackwatch, a non-profit group fighting health related fraud, stated that “acai juice has only middling levels of antioxidants—less than that of Concord grape, blueberry, and black cherry juices, but more than cranberry, orange, and apple juices.”

During my own research, I discovered a couple of articles that provided some interesting information about both the acai berry and the mangosteen fruit.  Both of these articles came from recent issue of Environmental Nutrition. (Oct and Dec ’09)

The scientific journal researched some of the claims and the scientific research that has been done related to the acai berry and mangosteen fruit.

Here is what they found:

For both cases, there has been very little scientific backing for any of the claims being made.  There was one clinical study done on the acai berry that showed when people consumed a single serving of the juice that they did show an increase in the antioxidant capacity of their blood for the 12 hours following the dose.

This might sound impressive, but the same thing happens when you consume a serving of blackberries, blueberries of raspberries.

There was a separate study done that showed extracts from acai berries destroyed cancer cells in a culture dish.  Again very impressive except for the fact that other fruits such as mangos, guavas and grapes have been shown to do the same thing in cell studies.  There is no evidence that shows any of the fruits, including the acai, having these effects inside the human body.

Mangosteen studies show many of the same results.  Cell culture studies show mangosteen extracts stopping bacterial growth and improved insulin resistance in cultured cells.  Many foods with high antioxidant properties also show these properties, but again none of these studies have shown any benefit within the human body.

So apparently acai berry and mangosteen fruit do have benefits for us as humans but these benefits don’t seem to be any better than those that can be found in most fruit of similar quality.  But there doesn’t seem to be any clinical evidence that backs up the claims being made throughout the internet and on store shelves around the country.

But what about all those amazing and fantastic testimonials that can be found alongside the products?

Beware of testimonials.  You never know their validity and there is this thing called the placebo effect.  Many times the belief that a “pill” will cure you actually helps you get better.  The power of the human mind is amazing.  If you have little kids you will understand because you have seen the power of ‘Mommy’s kiss’ and a well placed bandaid to instantly stop the pain.

Be sure there is scientific evidence backing up the testimonials.

In conclusion, there has been no clinical scientific evidence supporting the many claims being touted by acai berry producers, but there has also not been anything that shows any risk or danger consuming the products.

You can probably get the same benefits from consuming a variety of fruits from your local store and do it at a lot less cost.

The choice is yours.  But it pays to do a little research before jumping on the miracle bandwagon of the week.

It’s something to think about!

When I started this blog it was my intention to pass along information about various topics related to health and staying healthy.  To me and most other people things like vitamins, exercise, disease prevention jump out as good topics.  Household cleaning products don’t seem to fit the mold.

But the more I learn, the more I decided that green cleaners, toxins and your health were all very much related and too often ignored as an area of health concern.

Green cleaners really are a step in the right direction when it comes to improving our chance of living a healthy life.

I read (and from more than one source) that the toxins under our kitchen sink are extremely dangerous. Some of these chemicals would have to be stored in special cabinets and have MSDS sheets nearby if they were in your work area, but they are freely sprayed around homes and kids everyday with no special warnings.

Here are just a few facts about these toxins:

  • The most common poison exposure for kids is ingesting household products
  • Chlorine is the #1 cause of child poisonings in the US
  • 150 Chemicals in the home are associated with allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders.
  • 90% of all Toxic Hazards are caused by the inhalation of vapors and absorption of hazardous particles.
  • There is a dramatic increase in the rate of asthma in women in the past 10 years due to longer exposure times to household chemicals.
  • 90% of all poison exposures occur in the home.
  • 12.2 billion dollars are spent annually on health care costs for women due to environmentally associated diseases

That’s why I was so excited to find a viable solution.  A green cleaner that not only is all natural, it biodegradable and it doesn’t contain all those dangerous toxins.  And the best part – it actually cleans up the dirt and grime just as good and I think even better than the toxic cleaners we get from the grocery store.

Green cleaners have come and gone because lots of companies just jumped on the bandwagon and slapped an eco-friendly label on a cutesy product that really wasn’t much of a real cleaner.  They also tended to slap a higher price tag on it just to take advantage of people trying to make a difference.

Get Clean green cleaners buck the trend.  They were one of the first official earth day products over 30 years ago.  They are made by a company that was the first to be completely carbon neutral.  They are truly a good cleaner and have been tested against “regular cleaners” and have cleaned just as good or better.

I even did my own test and had over 40 unpaid people give me their honest feedback about how they thought the Get Clean green cleaners stacked up against the store bought competition.  70% of my testers thought the green cleaner worked better and just over 10% thought it wasn’t as good.  That almost 90% of the people who thought this green cleaning product was just as good or better than the competition.

But what about the price, it must cost more.  Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when you make a 16oz bottle of cleaner from the concentrate you purchase it cost less than $0.10 a bottle.  Most cleaners from the store will cost $2-3 for 16oz of product.

Works just as good or better and costs 90% less – well you can see why I choose to Get Clean and use green cleaners.  Better performance, better cost and best of all – BETTER HEALTH!

The Swine Flu epidemic is here.  It might not be so much the actual flu that is spreading at an alarming rate, but the fear and panic about the flu seem to be running rampant.

For healthy adults and children the H1N1 virus, commonly known as the Swine Flu, is no more deadly than the flu virus that spreads through the country every year about this time.

The best way to avoid getting the virus is to stay healthy and follow just a few basic rules about staying that way and keeping your body from becoming a welcome host to the virus.

The flu shot is not the end all be all savior that is has been said to be.  If you would like to learn more about the vaccination and the problems it has, you can read my blog post – Facts about the Flu Virus and its Vaccine.

The flu virus only has a couple of entry points where it can get into your body.  Those are the nostrils and the mouth and throat.  The virus is floating around pretty much everywhere but it’s not dangerous coming in contact with the virus as long as you take the precautions to not let it proliferate throughout your body.
In order to keep the virus from proliferating (multiplying and setting up shop in your body), you need to follow some simple steps while you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of the flu, whether it be the H1N1 flu virus or any other flu virus.

Here are several steps you can do to keep yourself healthy:

1. Frequent hand-washing with soap and for more than just a quick rinse.  Sing Happy Birthday to yourself a couple of times to make sure you have done a thorough job.

2. Do your best to keep your hands off your face. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face because this is where the flu virus has the best chance of entering your body.  I know it seems kind of a goofy thing to think about, but many of us use our fingers to pick something out of our teeth, we pick our nose (be honest, most of us do it from time to time), and we rub our eyes.

3. Gargle twice a day with warm salt water.  The flu virus, including the H1N1 Swine Flu, takes 2-3 days after the initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. By simply gargling each day you can help to prevent proliferation. This again seems like a simple thing to do, but just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.  And an added bonus it is an inexpensive preventative step.

4. Another step you can do with the salt water is to clean your nostrils every day.  This one is a little tougher for a lot of us.  Maybe you have seen or even used a Neti Pot.  It lets you clean you sinuses with warm water.  If you aren’t into putting water up your nose, you can just blow your nose (hard) when you get up in the morning and then swab your nostrils with cotton swabs dipped in salt water.  This method has been shown to be effective in reducing the viral population that may be trying to set up shop in your body.

5. Boost your immune system naturally.  Vitamin C, whether from foods or supplements has been shown to help with your immunity.  Researchers have also come up with an all natural supplement that can boost your body’s ability to produce interferon.  Interferon has been shown to have a significant impact on helping the body’s natural immune system.

6. And finally, drink warm liquids when you can. This does pretty much the same thing as the gargling does.  It loosens up and washes off the viruses but instead of expelling them from the body, it sends them out of the throat and down into the stomach.  The acidic environment of the stomach kills the viruses and does not allow them to proliferate through your body.

So instead of getting all worked up about the Swine Flu, relax (remember stress only helps the flu take a foot hold) and take the time to keep yourself healthy.  It only takes a few extra precautions and preventative measures to avoid catching the H1N1 or any other cold and flu that might be spreading itself around in your local environment.

It’s something to think about!

The Flu, the Vaccine, and some Facts about each.

The flu is short for Influenza. It is a contagious respiratory infection caused by a virus.  Some symptoms of the flu could include the chills, fever, sore throat, cough, muscle aches and fatigue.  For most people these conditions usually get better after a few days with just some fluids and bed rest.

So why is there all this fuss about the flu virus? How dangerous is it really?

The flu can lead to some serious complications such as pneumonia but these conditions usually only affect high risk groups such as the elderly and people with preexisting medical conditions.  It is possible for severe complications from the flu to even lead to death.

Each year thousands of people catch the flu.  It is a mutating virus that changes from year to year and can be spread when people are in close contact.  But despite this fact very few actually develop any serious or fatal complications.

The Centers of Disease Control publically asserts that around 36,000 Americans die each year from the flu.  However, if you take a look that the CDC’s official records they show that the actual figures for flu deaths are in the hundreds and not the thousands.  To put this into perspective, in 2007, 457 people died because of the flu. That same year 3,355 people died of asthma (a disease that has been listed as a possible side effect of vaccines) and 2,600 died of malnutrition.  (MALNUTRITION!?! Is this possible in a country that has one of the highest standards of living ever known.) The numbers are very similar for every year you want to look at.  This is all a part of the public record and you can see it for yourself on the National Vital Statistics Report.

But even one death is really too much so having a vaccine to prevent the flu is a great thing; Isn’t it?

Well let’s take a look at the flu vaccine.

In the U.S. there are five different flu vaccines available.  Four are injections and one is a live virus that is squirted up your nose.  All 5 vaccines contain the same attenuated flu viruses.

To make the flu vaccine, scientists travel to Asia at the beginning of each year to see what strains of the flu virus are active.  They assume these same flu strains will arrive in the U.S. later in the year for our flu season.  All of the companies that make the flu vaccine are instructed to put these active flu strains into the new flu vaccines.

To get started, the different flu viruses are grown in chick embryos for a few weeks.  The virus is then inactivated using formaldehyde and preserved with thimerosal, a derivative of mercury. (It has been shown that some flu vaccines have as much as 25mcg of mercury per dose.) The vaccine producer also adds some other ingredients such as sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, and gelatin.

So basically your flu vaccine is a chick embryo based concoction of toxins and viruses with some preservatives mixed in to keep it from spoiling and becoming ‘dangerous’.

So we looked at the possible dangers of getting the flu virus, now let’s look at some of the possible side effects of the flu vaccine.

Some possible serious reactions to the flu vaccine include life threatening allergies and GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome).  GBS can occur within a few weeks after getting the flu vaccine and is fatal for around 1 out of every 20 of the people that contract the disease.  Other studies done on the flu vaccine have documented cases of encephalitis (brain inflammation), various neurological disorders and thrombocytopenia, a serious blood disorder.

Looking at the statistics for kids under 5 who died from the flu a major statistic jumps out.  From 1999 through 2002 (before the CDC suggested it was a good idea to vaccinate young children) there was an average of less than 20 flu fatalities per year.  In 2003, after the CDC recommended that these kids get the flu shot, the fatalities more than quadrupled for this age group (90 kids in 2003).

Here is a quote directly from the Fluvanol flu vaccine package insert for the 2009-2010 formula:

” FLULAVAL is an influenza virus vaccine indicated for active immunization of adults 18 years of age and older against influenza disease caused by influenza virus subtypes A and type B contained in the vaccine. This indication is based on immune response elicited by FLULAVAL, and there have been no controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.”

It bears repeating – “NO controlled trials demonstrating a decrease” in contracting the flu at all after vaccination!  It goes on to mention each dose contains 25 mcg of mercury.  This is 250 times the amount considered safe by the EPA.  So the company itself says the vaccine shows no decrease in your risk of getting the flu but it does have pages full of warnings and possible side effects.  It is very interesting reading if care about your health and your body… You can take a look here.

But again, most drugs and medicines have some sort of side effects, but if they are saving lives it might be worth the risk.

The problem, the flu vaccine has a disproportionate amount of problems compared to the possible benefits it could provide.

First, officials have to guess months in advance what flu virus strains will end up here in the U.S.  If they guess wrong the flu shot is totally worthless in preventing the flu.  It is only good for creating dangerous side effects.

Second, even if they guess right, the vaccine is not very efficient.  In a study done over the past 40 years researchers found that in healthy children over 2 years old the flu vaccine was only effective on 33-36% of those who received the vaccine.  And in children under 2 years old the same study found NO evidence that the flu vaccine had any effect at all at preventing the flu.

The study looked also looked at adults.  For adults under the age of 65 the research showed that getting the flu vaccine did not affect time away from work, length of hospitalization, or death from the flu virus or its possible complications.  For those adults older than age 65, the study again found that the flu vaccine was NOT effective against the influenza virus.

None of this data supports the need for a “universal immunization” of healthy adults.

So all the papers and research show that getting the flu shot really isn’t an effective way to prevent the flu.  But what do the people who are supposed to understand disease and sickness doing for themselves.

Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are supposed to be educated in disease prevention and so you would think if the flu vaccine was helpful, they would be the first to line up for the shot.  I mean they are exposed to sick people all the time and they would want to protect themselves.  But again the data doesn’t support this…

70% of doctors and nurses do NOT get vaccinated for the flu and 62% of all healthcare workers do the same.  They DO NOT get the flu shot and are among the least likely to get vaccinated.

So if the flu shot isn’t much help (and actually could be more dangerous than the flu virus) than what can people do to help them stay healthy and avoid getting sick.

First, there has been a study done in 2006 that showed a direct link between Vitamin D deficiency and a weakened immune system.  A less than perfect immune system creates susceptibility to the flu and really any viral or bacterial infection.

Second, a different study showed that interferon plays a key role in keeping your immune system working at peak performance levels.  It has been clinically tested and proven by four published human clinical studies that a combination of immune-strengthening plant extracts can strengthen your immune response by boosting your body’s natural interferon. Researchers have shown that interferon can prevent infection and illness when taken in the right form.  There is actually a supplement available that is proven to boost your immune system and strengthen your immune response to viral infections.

Of course I am not a doctor and I am not telling you what to do, I am just writing down facts that can be found by anyone.  Don’t think that just because something is reported by the 5 o’clock news or the ‘government’ that it is necessarily true.

Do some research, talk with your doctor and decide for yourself what is best for you and your situation.  There are varying shades of truth but if you care about your health and wellness it is worth it to get down to the black and white facts…

It is definitely something to think about!

Originally I was going to call this blog post The Fundamentals of Staying Healthy.  However, I got the inspiration for the post after reading information about The Fundamentals of Getting Sick.  So despite how weird it may sound, I decided to go back and keep the name like it is.  It sounds kinda funny to say it that way,  it sounded strange to me at first too but once I heard the thoughts and reasoning behind the statement, it made sense.

The focus of the article was on our digestive system.  The body we have and the digestive system we use was never desined to digest what the food industry has been producing for us. Most health problems, the basic fundamental reasons behind much of today’s sickness is due to the break down of the digestive system.

Take a close look at what people eat, how its made and the processing it goes through.  The body cannot and does not digest all of this material and a good chunk of it gets left as residuals in the colon.  The creates a little toxic landfill right there in our body where bacteria can build up and create a major problem in the colon.  This can lead to major problems in the rest of the body.

Because we consume so many unusable foods, the colon becomes full of decomposing matter. It is like a rotting pile of food, but its not in the trash can, it is in your body.  With all this ‘rot’, the immune system  has to spend 75-80% of its time protecting us from our colon and the bacteria that are growing there. The bacteria starts growing in the body and inflammation and disease becomes a major concern.

It is very important to cleanse the colon every day. Just imagine if you didn’t flush the toilet for three days. That would be a scary, smelly site.  Bad news for anyone who had to enter and really it would probably start to affect the entire homes environment.  That would be bad news for anyone living there. Our body is the same way, we must flush it daily.  Some products that can be used to ‘flush’ the body are a good herbal laxative, fiber, alfalfa and probiotics (acidophilus).

I listened to a former cancer research scientist tell about the over 200 autopsies he had been involved with.  He would always talk about the colon and how it is the most diseased part of the body.  I think if you talk to any Doctor who deals with autopsies they would tell you the same thing.

So what are the Fundamentals of Getting Sick? Simply put, the colon is not healthy.

When the colon isn’t healthy, the immune system is overworked.  When the immune system is weak, the organs become diseased.  When the organs become diseased they start to age and our body follows suit.  This cascading illness causes our body to DIE from within.

The processed, synthetic food and vitamins we get from the store will not “cure” our ails. We must take responsibility to cure our bodies with good cleansing and nutrition.

One of the major food products that our body can not get enough of is protein; it is hard to digest the protein that most Americans eat. It has been processed or altered so much that it just passes through the stomach and small intestine without ever being absorbed into the blood stream and the cells.  When the body goes without a digestible protein it is lacking an important building block for the cells to carry out everyday functions.  But you know what, our body is pretty darn smart and it knows how to survive so it finds a source for the materials it needs.  When it can’t get protein from a food source, it starts devouring the protein it CAN get hold of, that is the body’s muscle.

Have you ever wondered why we look old? Our body mass changes as we get older because our body muscle is being eaten by our body if we are not giving it a good, digestible protein. People live in pain; back pain, joint pain, etc.

A good soy protein that has been processed the right way can alleviate this problem.  Look for a soy protein that has the cellulose taken out and one where the amino acids are released. A protein produced in a form with no residuals, no hormones, no added substances.  It must be digestible and be a protein that  CAN be used by the body.  The proper protein balance must be maintained or the body will live on itself.

The Fundamentals of Getting Sick come down to an unhealthy colon.  Degenerative disease starts because we have inflammation.

The Fundamentals of Staying Healthy require you to cleanse the colon, take a usable, digestible protein and finally boost your immune system.  Build the body back up and free up the immune system to defend against foreign bacteria and viruses. Without a good immune system we have nothing to protect our bodies from the daily attacks by disease.

So get started.  You know the fundamentals.  It doesn’t take a complete change of life, just a few simple steps and for most of us adding in a few supplements to get the nutrition we need for good health.

Don’t wait too long.  Take the first step towards a healthy life.

Good health is worth it.

He discussed the fundamentals of getting sick.  Now you may think that sounds rather strange but upon hearing Jim’s thoughts, it made sense.  Our digestive system is not desined to digest what the food  industry has been producing for us.  Most health problems are due to the break down of the digestive system.

Look at it this way… our body can not digest the residuals left in the colon , therefore bacteria builds up and creates major problems in the colon which in turn cause major problems in the rest of the body.  Our body can not get enough protein; it is hard to digest protein that most Americans eat.  So without a digestible protein, the body is lacking a source and it starts devouring the protein it CAN get hold of, that is the body muscle.  Ever wonder why we look old?  Our body mass changes as we get older because our body muscle is being eaten by our body if we are not giving it a good protein.  People live in pain; back pain, joint pain, etc.

Enter……. Shaklee soy protein which is unique due to the way it is processed.  The cellulos is taken out and the amino acids are released.  The protein balance must be maintained or the body lives on itself.

Because we consume so many unusable foods, the colon is full of decomposing matter.  The immune system spends 75-80% of its time protecting us from our colon.  The bacteria starts growing in the body and inflammation is of a major concern.

We must cleanse the colon every day.  What if….. you didn’t flush the toilet for three days.  Whew, bad news.  Our body is the same way, we must flush it daily.  The best Shaklee products to flush the body are the Herblax, every day!!; the fiber, the alfalfa and the probotics (acidophilus).

Jim has done over 200 autopsies and the colon is the most diseased part of the body.
So why do our bodies get sick?  The colon is not healthy.  We can’t get something at the store to “cure” our ails.  We must take responsibility to cure our bodies with good cleansing and nutrition.  When the immune system is weak, the organs become diseased.  We age our organs and we age the rest of our body.  WE die from within.

We need a protein in a form with no residuals, no hormones, no added substance and that comes down to the best made, Shaklee protein.  Our protein CAN be used by the body.

Cleansing and Protein and then we must also build the body and free up the immune system.  Nutriferon strengthens the natural interferon in the core of our immune system.  If we have no immune system, we have nothing to protect our organs.
Degenerative disease starts because we have inflammation.

Immunity Formula I strengthens the T-cell which is the killer cell and one of the most powerful parts of the human body. Shaklee has the products that will take care of our bodies but we must take the responsibility to do something.  As I always say, “there is no magic button”.

I have heard Jim talk this subject many times so there may be some thoughts he didn’t say this morning, but I added.
So remember, we must CLEANSE, ADD PROTEIN, AND BUILD.

If you ever with to listen to Jim, please let me know and I can get you hooked up with the number and the times.  He does not do as many teleconferences as he used to because we have the webinars, but as he said, he can say more on the conference calls because he is not following a webinar slide.

A side note.  If you start Shaklee products and they “make me sick”, remember, DID you Cleanse first?  If so, remember too, Shaklee is concentrated food.  The cell will try to get rid of the “bad stuff” in the cell to take in the good stuff and getting rid of the bad stuff “makes me sick”.  Start slowly, just licking the tablet or just drinking 1 teaspoon of soy and work up to the three tablespoons.  Good health is worth it.

A new study on the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease has busted another popular heart health myth! I’m sure that most of you have heard the one about taking an aspirin a day to reduce the risk of heart attack.  Many Doctors have advised their patients to take an aspirin every day, but this recommendation has been repeated so often online, in the media and through self help information that many people have taken it on themselves to add a baby aspirin to their daily regimen without any advice from a hospital or a doctor recommendation.

Is this a good plan?  Does taking an aspirin a day really help reduce the risk of heart attack?

Instead of just self prescribing an answer, I read about this study done in Edinburgh Scotland by Dr. Gerry Fowlkes of the Wolfson Unit for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.

The study was recently presented at the European Society for Cardiology in Barcelona Spain.  Dr. Fowlkes and a few of his colleagues followed 3,000 men who had been diagnosed to be at very high risk for developing heart disease for an average of eight years.

This study was conducted like many others have been before where half of the study group was randomly chosen to take the test drug, in this case an aspirin a day, and the other half was given a placebo (This is a usually “sugar pill” or any dummy medication).

At the end of the eight year study the researchers looked back at the incidence of heart attack and stroke.  Guess what they found out…

There was no difference in the rate of heart attacks or stroke – or risk of death from any cause – between the two groups.

The simple conclusion of this study found that…

An aspirin a day did not decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke and had no discernable health benefits.

In fact, the group of 1500 men who were taking the aspirin a day had several health problems that either more common or made worse when compared to the 1500 men in the placebo group.

One example of this showed itself with major bleeds or internal bleeding.  There were 34 major bleeds in the aspirin group compared to only 20 in people taking the placebo.  And the number of cases of internal bleeding bad enough to require hospitalization was almost twice as many for the aspirin a day group compared to the placebo group.

The conclusion of this study was that for otherwise healthy people the risks of taking aspirin could outweigh the benefits, however the researchers also cautioned that for people who have already had a heart attack the benefits of taking an aspirin a day might outweigh the risks.  Most of these people, the ones who have already had a heart attacks, are under the care of a physician and have been prescribed the aspirin.  They are not self medicating.

But for those people interested in taking part in a preventative health care plan,  I would encourage them to look into natural alternates  to reduce their risk of heart disease, rather than relying on a man made chemicals and drugs.  Nature did a great job in creating this amazing thing we call our body.  I believe if we give our bodies what they need, they will maintain their health and if out of balance even heal themselves.

A good example of a natural approach to heart health is the use of omega-3 fatty acids.  Several recent clinical studies have shown that as little as 500 mg/day of omega-3 fatty acids, whether from fish or from supplements, can reduce the risk of a second heart attack in someone who has already had one heart attack by 30-40%.

Another study, the Landmark Nutritional Supplement Study showed that people who have used the Shaklee supplements for 20 years or more have 1/3 the incidence of angina, heart attack, stroke or congestive heart failure as do people using other company’s multivitamins or no supplements at all.

Its something to think about!

The internet and the national media have exploded with report after report about the H1N1 (Swine Flu) viral infection that is supposedly sweeping through the country this cold and flu season. But there are a lot of misleading facts being thrown around. Is the Swine Flu really the big health scare the media and the government are making it out to be?

There has been a call for the swine flu vaccine to become a mandatory vaccine that we must all take. For me personally this is just one more case of the government overstepping its role and giving in to big money and big business. I have been researching this topic pretty heavily since I heard about the possibility of a mandatory vaccination requirement and I have not found anything that has led me to believe this is a deadly flu virus or that it would require any sort of extra vaccination effort.

In fact, my findings show that the swine flu vaccine might actually be more hazardous to your health than the actual infection from the swine flu virus.  I started out to write a small little blog post but I have been so shocked and amazed by the information I have uncovered that I feel I could write a huge term paper.  Not only does it seem that the Swine Flu is not the death monger it is being made out to be but it seems as though the cure could be the real killer.

Here are a few things I found about the viral infection that has been called the swine flu but is technically labeled the H1N1 Flu virus. (much of this statistical data was taken from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC)

  • Doctor visits for flu are down from the level of visits in April of 2009
  • The total flu hospitalizations are similar or lower than for a normal seasonal flu
  • The number of deaths secondary to flu and pneumonia is remained unchanged from a normal yearly rate
  • There is no evidence that the virus has mutated at all anywhere in the world
  • There have been 43,771 reported cases in the U.S., with 5,011 requiring hospitalization and 302 deaths. That means the death rate is 0.6 percent, an extremely low death rate for any flu.
  • The percentage of hospitalized patients who died was 6 percent, again a very low incidence of death.
  • Since the CDC estimates that one million people have been infected the actual death rate is in truth 0.03 percent, which means 99.97% of those infected will not die from this flu. Your chances of dying are incredibly low.
  • The Federal Government is saying 150 million Americans will be infected. That is 150 times as many as have now been infected, and represents a much larger figure than would be infected using an estimate based on a 6 to 6.5% infection of a localized population.
  • For the United States with a population slightly over 300 million, the government figures indicate a 50 percent infection rate. There is nothing to indicate such a high infection rate from the past 7 months of analysis. (It has been closer to a 6-7% infection rate)
  • The CDC’s own data indicates that the hospitalization rates and death rates are no higher; in fact they are significantly lower, than the previous two to three flu seasons.
  • The government is using “scare tactics” to promote vaccine use in the United States and that the pharmaceutical makers of vaccines are working in conjunction with these officials.

And now here are a few facts about the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine:

  • These vaccines are experimental, untested, toxic and extremely dangerous to the human immune system.
  • They contain squalene-based adjuvants that can cause a host of annoying to life-threatening autoimmune diseases.
  • What we really have with the swine flu vaccine is an untested, potentially dangerous cocktail of chemicals and viral fragments that could plausibly be linked to a devastating neurological condition.
  • Vaccines don’t always protect against diseases they’re designed to prevent and often cause them.
  • The WHO (World Health Organization) suggested the risks (from the swine flu vaccine) by stating “new technologies are involved in the production of some pandemic vaccines, which have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety in certain population groups…” As a result, “post-marketing surveillance” and “post-marketing safety and effectiveness studies” are essential so that countries can adjust their vaccination policies
  • Independent studies of squalene used as a vaccine adjuvant indicates that it is associated with a very high incidence of autoimmune diseases, such as an MS-like neurological syndrome, rheumatoid joint disease and especially Lupus.

Here are some things found in a regular flu shot: (taken from an article by Dr. Russell Blaylock)

  • Egg proteins, which could include avian contaminant viruses
  • Gelatin, known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis reactions like those usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin
  • Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™), which can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis
  • Formaldehyde: a known carcinogen
  • Triton X100: a strong detergent
  • Sucrose (table sugar)
  • Resin, known to cause allergic reactions
  • Gentamycin, an antibiotic
  • Thimerosal: mercury is still found in multi-dose vials

The British science magazine, The New Scientist, recently polled 60 virologists to get their opinion about the swine flu virus and what they would be personally doing to avoid the infection. None of the 60 virologists mentioned anything about taking the vaccine. This is interesting because Virologists are scientists who study viruses — their classification, their genetics, methods of spread and their ability to cause disease. No one knows more about this virus than the virologists.

So if the viral spread of this Swine Flu infection doesn’t seem to be any worse than that of any normal “cold and flu” season and the vaccine we have to treat it could cause more potential harm than the viral infection why would any sane person want to mandate its use for the entire population.

Well… (and you probably could have guessed this), Behind the push to vaccinate the entire population are the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines, who are working in conjunction with the government to make the vaccine mandatory.

Homeland security and FEMA are pushing for forced vaccinations and the medical experts, virologists and epidemiologists are calling for calm and resorting to voluntary vaccination only. The former have links with the vaccine manufacturers via political contacts. A great deal of money will be made by the manufacturers, should forced vaccinations be mandated.

In fact there was a 30 year study done and written up in a peer review journal that showed little or no reduction in hospitalization or death from the use of flu vaccines. This to me is just amazing! It bears repeating; little or no reduction in hospitalization or death from the use of these vaccines. Yet there is also written proof that the vaccines themselves contain viruses that could cause illness and infections within your body.

WHAT!!!! Doesn’t this just make you want to smack somebody? Highly educated people know these vaccines don’t really do much good, but they could do a lot of harm and yet we are still being brainwashed into thinking we need these chemicals to live a better life.

Check out this YouTube Video with Dr. Blaylock (it is part 2 of 4). It has some information that I was shocked to hear.

Vaccines are the bedrock of the pharmaceutical industry’s profit centers. Just think about it, no pharmaceutical company ever made any money off of creating healthy people.

There are alternatives.

First, read, become educated. Don’t just blindly let someone pump chemicals into you without you knowing the possible consequences. You should be able to make up your own mind and suffer or reap the consequences no matter what your choice.

Second, maintain your health. Everyone, from vaccine supporters to vaccine haters doesn’t disagree that healthy people are not affected badly by this or any other flu. The deaths from these viral infections come in the population of people who are in poor health already.

Our bodies are amazing pieces of machinery. They are wondrous things that science has not been able to duplicate. If you give your body the things it needs it will maintain itself and heal itself.

We also have an amazing little army that lives within us called our immune system. It naturally fights off hundreds of harmful viruses every year. The better equipped your little army (your immune system) is the better it can keep you healthy. One of the key components in keeping the immune system working effectively is interferon. By increasing the natural production of interferon you can boost your immune system and maintain a powerful little army.

It has been clinically tested and proven (which is more than the vaccine producers can say) by four published human clinical studies that a combination of immune-strengthening plant extracts can strengthen your immune response by boosting your body’s natural interferon.

Interferon plays a second important role in your body’s defense. It can also boost the immune system’s ability to recognize foreign invaders. It is because of this special role that interferon is used in drug form as an anti-viral agent to treat many different diseases. Researchers have shown that interferon can prevent infection and illness when taken in the right form.

So the choices are yours.

First, you can listen to the hype and fear mongering of the mass media, or do some reading and learn the real truth.

Second, choose the swine flu vaccine or choose to eat right and take supplements to boost your health. Don’t forget to add in the only supplement proven to boost your immune system and strengthen your immune response to viral infections.

I am just a regular guy who has done some research. Don’t take my word for anything anymore than you would other blog sources. I encourage everyone to do their own research and make up their own minds.

It is something to think about!

Colds and the flu are the most frequent illness infections that we as Americans ‘catch’ and they affect all age groups. Every year these illnesses occur and spread through our society.  While the Cold and the Flu are both caused by viruses, they are not relegated to a certain time of year but can attack at any time.  The reason they show up more during the winter and the so called ‘cold season’ is because people are forced to stay indoors more due to the weather and therefore increase the chance of spreading the infections from one person to another.

Pretty much everyone has had at least some form of cold or flu during their life.  It’s never fun and for some people the flu can actually be deadly.

So what do we really know about the causes and extent of colds and flu in this country and what can be done to keep from getting sick with these viruses? The following statistics provide an up-to-date look at this common public health problem.

• During a typical year, Americans suffer 1 billion colds. (SOURCE: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

• Children typically have more colds because they are often in close contact with each other at school and daycares.  They can have about 6 to 10 colds a year.  (SOURCE: NIAID).

• Adults, on the other hand, average about 2 to 4 colds a year.  This number can vary widely depending on work situations and overall health. Women, especially those aged 20 to 30 years, have more colds than men.  This could be due to the fact that they have closer contact with children. (SOURCE: NIAID).

• It is estimated 10 to 20 percent of all Americans come down with the flu each year during flu season.  Children are two to three times more likely than adults to get sick with the flu, and children frequently spread the virus to others.  This is most likely caused by the same closeness factor previously mentioned. (SOURCE: NIAID).

• Even though the flu is just another “not so fun” illness for most people, for some it can become deadly.  Every year more than 100,000 people are hospitalized and about 36,000 people die from the flu and its complications every year. UPDATE: I have done some more research and found that the actual flu only has several hundred deaths linked to it each year, the CDC just assumes the deaths from pneumonia where caused as a complication due to the flu. (SOURCE: Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

• The cold and flu season creates an enormous impact on the economy. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) estimates that, in 1996, 62 million cases of the common cold in the United States required medical attention or resulted in restricted activity. In 1996, colds caused 45 million days of restricted activity and 22 million days lost from school. UPDATE: After more research I found that a 40 year study showed getting a flu shot did NOT decrease the number of days missed from work. (SOURCE: NCHS).

• Statistics for the United States show that most colds occur during the winter months of September through March or April. (SOURCE: NIAID).

• One reason for the increase is due to the fact that most cold and flu viruses survive better when humidity is low in the colder months of the year. Cold weather may also make the inside lining of the nose drier and more vulnerable to viral infection. (SOURCE: NIAID).

• More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold and approximately 10 to 15 percent of adult colds are caused by viruses also responsible for other, more severe illnesses. (SOURCE: NIAID).

• Sometimes it is difficult to determine if you have a cold or the flu at the onset of the illness because some of the symptoms of the cold and flu are similar. Colds typically begin slowly and usually have symptoms of a scratchy, sore throat followed by sneezing, a runny nose and possibly, a cough several days later. The flu on the other hand is often associated with sudden onset combined with a headache, dry cough and the chills and these symptoms quickly become more severe than those of a cold. Fever of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit is also common. (SOURCE: U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

Stress is factor that can increase the susceptibility to the common cold and the flu because stress can reduce the ability for you immune system to function to it full capacity. This fact was demonstrated in a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh where test subjects injected with influenza A virus that reported greater psychological stress before inoculation experienced more severe symptoms. (SOURCE: NIAID)

• People with a compromised immune system are the most likely to contract a cold or the flu. Some of the factors that weaken the immune system are stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of physical exercise, exposure to environmental toxins, and allergies. Health problems, such as raised blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and diabetes, also play a role in lowering the body’s defenses. (SOURCE: Complementary Medicine Magazine)

• Studies have shown a link between interferon and your body’s ability to kill many common cold and flu viruses.  (Interferon is a protein that is a component of the immune system.) One therapy involves the one-time injection of the drug interferon alpha but this treatment may cause side effects, such as flu-like symptoms and nosebleeds. (SOURCE: FDA)

A better way to boost your body’s natural interferon levels is to maintain a balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  These nutrients are very important in keeping the immune system functioning effectively. The problem is that many Americans have nutritionally deficient diets.  This makes the fact that there is now a supplement containing herbs that have immunoactive properties that much more important.  Immunoactive is a fancy way of saying the supplement has the right herbs in the right amounts to work together in combination to naturally increase the body’s production of interferon.  Remember that Interferon is the protein that triggers the body’s immune system to mount an immune response.  Basically interferon will boost your immune system.

Simply put:

Herbal Supplement + Your Body = More  Natural Interferon

More Natural Interferon = More Immune System Response = Less Cold and Flu

Its definitely something to think about!

The “happy” vitamin, as the B
vitamins are rightfully called, are perfect for bringing balance to
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