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Shaklee is very active in protecting the environment, supporting good causes and creating a healthy planet and a healthy home.  Here are a couple of lists that show just a few of the things Shaklee does.

Sometimes, you do things because they’re good for business. And sometimes, you do things just because you should.

  • Just completed the campaign to plant a million trees.
  • Sponsored three North Pole expeditions to measure the impact of global warming.
  • Donated environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for Jacques Cousteau’s research vessels.
  • Donates vitamins and nutrition drinks to undernourished children and earthquake victims.
  • Supports United Nations Millennium Development Goals to promote human rights and end poverty.
  • Official sponsor of Earth Day
  • Annual giving that has topped $3 million.

The list goes on.  And so does the commitment to doing what’s right simply because it is.

Shaklee has always put the environment first and was green way back when it was just a color you found in your crayon box.  Here are just a few of the awards Shaklee has been given for environmental leadership:

  • 2009 – Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. EPA
  • 2009 – Clean Air Award for reducing global warming and improving air quality
  • 2009 – Business Environmental Award for Sustainability
  • 2008 – Stevie Award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program
  • 2007 – Global Green USA’s Organizational Design Award for positive environmental change
  • 2006 designated an EPA Climate Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • 2003 – Gold Medal Award for Environment & Sustainability
  • 2003 – National Environmental Excellence Award
  • 2002 – Climate Protection Award
  • 2001 – 2001 Vision for Tomorrow Award
  • 2000 – Environmental Business Leadership Award on Earth Day
  • 1990 – Family Circle Green-Chip Award for the 10 most environmentally friendly companies

Sometimes You Do Things Because it’s Good for Business.  Sometimes You do Them Just Because You Should.