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If you have ever had kidney stones you know how much of a painful and life changing week of you like it can actually be. It is something you hear about and think well that sounds like something I don’t want to go through but it really can’t be that bad. Well, let me tell you, once you get it you realize kidney stones really can “BE THAT BAD”!

If you have had them you know what I mean. But whether you have had them or not, you definitely don’t want to get them. That is why when I saw this research; I knew I had to get it out there. If it helps just one person in their prevention of kidney stones, it’s worth my time to get it on the ‘Net.

First, a little background on the study…

This was an independent study done to compare the effects of Shaklee Performance and Gatorade on the risk of kidney stone formation. Shaklee did not initiate the study and as far as I know neither did Gatorade. Like I said, it was an independent study and I don’t think either company knew it was done until it was published earlier this year (2009). When you are the leader in the natural food supplement industry, like Shaklee, or a big sports drink company, like Gatorade, people sometimes test your products without you even knowing about it.

The reason a study like this would even be done is because while kidney stones can be extremely painful, they can also damage the kidney especially if they form over and over again.  Therefore the prevention of kidney stones is very important.

Now the solution for many people is simple, just drink two liters or more of water every day.

That is hard to do for most people. 2 liters is a lot of water and you really, really, really have to like water to drink that much. Most people just won’t get it done.

In fact, previous studies had shown that even when patients had a previous kidney stone and were told by their urologist to drink two liters of water a day, the average result was an increase of only 0.3 liters a day of water.

When the group was asked what they were drinking instead of water things like sports drinks and energy drinks were shown to be on the increase. People were staying away from sodas and soft drinks so this should be good… BUT with no real scientific information to back it up, no one was sure if sports drinks increased or decreased the risk of kidney stones forming.

And so the study was put together to find out if people were doing good or did they still need to increase their water comsumption.

The study decided to look at two well know sports drinks, Shaklee’s Performance and Gatorade to answer the question of;

“Do sports drinks increase or decrease the risk of kidney stone formation compared to the consumption of an equivalent amount of water?”

The study focused on the effect of each sports drink on the amount of citrate in the urine and by how much they increased the pH of the urine because each of these decreases the risk of kidney stone formation.

They also looked at the effect of each sports drink on the amount of sodium and calcium in the urine because each of those increases the risk of kidney stone formation.

Performance significantly increased the amount of citrate and the pH of the urine, while Gatorade had no effect on either of them.

Neither Performance nor Gatorade had a significant effect on sodium or calcium levels in the urine.

Thus, they concluded that Shaklee’s Performance was superior to either Gatorade or water alone at decreasing the risk of kidney stone formation.

Now you might be tempted to say that this study was of more interest to urologists than the general public. But my guess is that if you have ever suffered through a kidney stone this study is of great interest to you.

But to me the more important conclusion is that, once again, independent clinical studies show the superiority of Shaklee products.