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When I started this blog it was my intention to pass along information about various topics related to health and staying healthy.  To me and most other people things like vitamins, exercise, disease prevention jump out as good topics.  Household cleaning products don’t seem to fit the mold.

But the more I learn, the more I decided that green cleaners, toxins and your health were all very much related and too often ignored as an area of health concern.

Green cleaners really are a step in the right direction when it comes to improving our chance of living a healthy life.

I read (and from more than one source) that the toxins under our kitchen sink are extremely dangerous. Some of these chemicals would have to be stored in special cabinets and have MSDS sheets nearby if they were in your work area, but they are freely sprayed around homes and kids everyday with no special warnings.

Here are just a few facts about these toxins:

  • The most common poison exposure for kids is ingesting household products
  • Chlorine is the #1 cause of child poisonings in the US
  • 150 Chemicals in the home are associated with allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders.
  • 90% of all Toxic Hazards are caused by the inhalation of vapors and absorption of hazardous particles.
  • There is a dramatic increase in the rate of asthma in women in the past 10 years due to longer exposure times to household chemicals.
  • 90% of all poison exposures occur in the home.
  • 12.2 billion dollars are spent annually on health care costs for women due to environmentally associated diseases

That’s why I was so excited to find a viable solution.  A green cleaner that not only is all natural, it biodegradable and it doesn’t contain all those dangerous toxins.  And the best part – it actually cleans up the dirt and grime just as good and I think even better than the toxic cleaners we get from the grocery store.

Green cleaners have come and gone because lots of companies just jumped on the bandwagon and slapped an eco-friendly label on a cutesy product that really wasn’t much of a real cleaner.  They also tended to slap a higher price tag on it just to take advantage of people trying to make a difference.

Get Clean green cleaners buck the trend.  They were one of the first official earth day products over 30 years ago.  They are made by a company that was the first to be completely carbon neutral.  They are truly a good cleaner and have been tested against “regular cleaners” and have cleaned just as good or better.

I even did my own test and had over 40 unpaid people give me their honest feedback about how they thought the Get Clean green cleaners stacked up against the store bought competition.  70% of my testers thought the green cleaner worked better and just over 10% thought it wasn’t as good.  That almost 90% of the people who thought this green cleaning product was just as good or better than the competition.

But what about the price, it must cost more.  Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when you make a 16oz bottle of cleaner from the concentrate you purchase it cost less than $0.10 a bottle.  Most cleaners from the store will cost $2-3 for 16oz of product.

Works just as good or better and costs 90% less – well you can see why I choose to Get Clean and use green cleaners.  Better performance, better cost and best of all – BETTER HEALTH!